1.1. About us

The organization behind WORLDCOB-CSR is the World Confederation of Businesses – WORLDCOB. It is an international organization founded in Houston over 10 years ago in order to promote a socially responsible business culture and encourage the creation of new businesses among its associate members. It is present in over 102 countries worldwide.

1.2. Third version of the WORLDCOB-CSR standard: 2011

Throughout 2015, the auditor team of WORLDCOB-CSR (led by Eng. Daniel Javier) and a work team of the British Standard Institution, BSI (led by Laura Bolin) worked on the third edition of the WORLDCOB-CSR standard. 2011.3.

1.3. Members and participants

WORLDCOB is a member and / or participates in:

1.4. WORLDCOB-CSR Lead Auditor

This is our team of qualified and experienced auditors:

  • Eng. Daniel Javier
  • Ms. Carolina Machin
  • Mr. Ramon Edgar del Castillo
  • Dr. Luz Eneida Moreno
  • Ms. Maria Altamirano Echevarria
  • Eng. Roberto Arano
  • Mr. Antonio Campos
  • Ms. Laura Bolin


2.1. WORLDCOB-CSR: 2011.3. Standard

It is an international standard developed by WORLDCOB and establishes the requirements to be met by an organization to be recognized for having a CSR policy because it adopts a culture of ethical values, has a management system based on corporate social responsibility, and it is constantly improving.

To download the standard.

2.2. Pre-assessment

This process is specially structured for companies taking the initiative to formally and publicly commit to Corporate Social Responsibility. This pre-assessment leads to a diagnosis, through an interview via videoconference with an international CSR expert. He/she will issue a report informing on the company situation regarding the topic.

Please watch the following video for a summarized and simple explanation of this process

2.3. Certification process

2.4. Certified companies


2.5. Testimonials


Founding Ecopaint Angola was quite elaborate, a little difficult, but in the end it was worth it. Some values, which are very important, contact the environmental concern, the relationship between the company and the employees and their family. We keep working, keep improving, because we know we have to justify the certification, we cannot stop the shadow of praises, we must continue to work to give reason to those who believe in us.
The certification process covers significant dimensions of CSR such as workplace, community and resources. UniMAP feels that the process was swift and we were provided with clear explanation as well as support from the certification team. UniMAP feels that there is a need to be an acknowledgment in terms of our effort in carrying out CSR projects. As an institution that places an emphasis in giving back to the nation and society there have been numerous initiatives at the national as well as international level carried out by us. Therefore, the certification would set a standard in terms of our effort in continuing our CSR initiatives. This certification would serve as a motivation and benchmark for our team to carry on the good works. In addition it would also lend us more credibility to pursue other CSR projects and help to convince other partners to join us hand in hand.
we were most content with the professionalism of the process. Clear objectives, well-defined schedule, substantial questions, helpful explanations, bottom down analysis and evaluation, fair approach all through the process. We value the importance of making CSR documents public; good communication and cooperation with local communities; carrying on business activity in harmony with nature and our surroundings; enhancing the personnel’s environmental awareness; appropriate waste management etc. We, also, feel much honored to have been awarded the WORLDCOB certificate and will be proud to make mention of it, refer to it, whenever applicable in our communication with our stakeholders, partners, suppliers, personnel and the public alike. This acknowledgement will increase our reputation as a company with a valid CSR policy that cares about both, the well-being of its employees with sustainable development, and a company that is worthwhile doing business with.
To Alpha Oman, the certification is aimed towards bringing forward the best in today’s business practices. It helps established and aspiring businesses across the globe build their core values around ethical practices and a strong social responsibility culture. The efficient course strives to elicit ethical and sustainable business practices, creating an environment of continuous improvement within and leveraging our abilities towards societal and environmental reach. The certification module elicits the quantitative understanding of the value of existing policies in the area of CSR. Identifying and understanding these key values, serves as a tool to integrate CSR into the wider business strategy. The certification adds value by leveraging our existing CSR capabilities and potentials in expanding our CSR horizon. WORLDCOB serves as a global platform in recognition of Alpha’s CSR efforts and the certifications arduous standards are globally recognized by the business and world communities.

3.- Benefits

3.1. Tangible Benefits



1.1. Certification official issuance: A WORLDCOB representative will officially provide you with the certificate to designate you as a socially responsible company during events or ceremonies in your country, where possible

1.2. WORLDCOB-CSR Resolution and Certificate: Reliable proof that your company successfully completed the CSR certification process of the WORLDCOB-CSR:2011.3 standard.

1.3. In-glass certification: This is a special version of the official certificate, designed in glass on a wooden base.

1.4. CSR meeting: Free participation of your representatives in CSR conferences in your country.

1.5. CSR certification logo: Authorization to use the WORLDCOB-CSR logo, to be published in your media and / or advertising. This CSR seal will increase the value of your brand in the market.

1.6. Publication on the CSR Website: We will publish the name of your company on the CSR website www.worldcob-csr.com, so that the international community can verify that your company is CSR certified.

1.7. Publication of the WORLDCOB business directory: One third of the page to publish company data and experience. It will have a representative picture of your certification, as one of the socially responsible companies worldwide.

To obtain the WORLDCOB-CSR: 2011.3 certification, your company will be part of the World Confederation of Businesses as a WORLDCOB member. This will also generate the following benefits:


2.1. Companies database worldwide: You will be able to access the most exclusive information of the 3,000 WORLDCOB members. The goal is to encourage business relationships worldwide.

2.2. EXPOBIZZ: Free participation in the activities of this business convention.

2.3. Business Center in Houston: WORLDCOB member companies are welcome to use an office set up to work in this city (free of charge).


3.1. Online training: Through www.bizztraining.net, you can access on-line updated business training provided by speakers from different countries.

3.2. Customized workshops for your company: According to the company’s needs, we have workshops on teamwork, working environment, sales, collection, coaching, NLP, etc. There are some fees for the workshops but associate members have a discount of up 50%.


4.1. Networking consulting: We provide advice on the search for products and / or services you may want to acquire worldwide. This service is provided by our Institutional Relations Department.

4.2. Advice on corporate image: You can get a free assessment of the corporate image projected on the market. After this analysis, we will show you proposals to improve this image.

3.2.Intangible Benefits

  • Increased brand value in the market, thus inspiring greater public confidence
  • Different from competitors because it promotes a culture of social commitment for the development of communities.
  • Attract the growing sector of clients looking to consume products of companies complying with RSE.
  • Increased client loyalty.
  • Increased loyalty and commitment of staff, who brings more to the company because they are part of a team that cares about work, social and environmental relationships.
  • Increased productivity thanks to a good working environment.

4.- Press


While promoting a socially responsible business culture, for the last 5 years WORLDCOB organizes CSR meetings in different countries. These meetings are opportunities to continue learning on various CSR topics.


Please see the pictures of previous meetings:

media partners


WORLDCOB headquarters

Address: 2190 N Loop W, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77018.
Tel: + 1-713-339-9900 Fax: + 1-713-339-9323

 argentina Argentina – Buenos Aires +54 11 66322097
 colombia Colombia – Bogota +57 1 3819595
 mexico Mexico +52 55 41703735

Feel free to contact our Managers in charge:

Karla Velazco CSR Manager kvelazco@worldcob-csr.com
Lucero Abanto CSR Manager labanto@worldcob-csr.com
Carlos Bracamonte CSR Manager cbracamonte@worldcob-csr.com
Joahana Pacheco Member Service CSR Manager jpacheco@worldcob.org
Sara Ortiz Comunications Manager sortiz@worldcob.org
Yeiny Hernandez Finance Supervisor yhernandez@worldcob.org

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