1.1. About us

The organization behind WORLDCOB-CSR is the World Confederation of Businesses – WORLDCOB. It is an international organization founded in Houston over 10 years ago in order to promote a socially responsible business culture and encourage the creation of new businesses among its associate members. It is present in over 102 countries worldwide.

1.2. Third version of the WORLDCOB-CSR standard: 2011

Throughout 2015, the auditor team of WORLDCOB-CSR (led by Eng. Daniel Javier) and a work team of the British Standard Institution, BSI (led by Laura Bolin) worked on the third edition of the WORLDCOB-CSR standard. 2011.3.

1.3. Members and participants

WORLDCOB is a member and / or participates in:

1.4. WORLDCOB-CSR Lead Auditor

This is our team of qualified and experienced auditors:

  • Eng. Daniel Javier
  • Ms. Carolina Machin
  • Mr. Ramon Edgar del Castillo
  • Dr. Luz Eneida Moreno
  • Ms. Maria Altamirano Echevarria
  • Eng. Roberto Arano
  • Mr. Antonio Campos
  • Ms. Laura Bolin


2.1. WORLDCOB-CSR: 2011.3. Standard

It is an international standard developed by WORLDCOB and establishes the requirements to be met by an organization to be recognized for having a CSR policy because it adopts a culture of ethical values, has a management system based on corporate social responsibility, and it is constantly improving.

To download the standard.

2.2. Pre-assessment

This process is specially structured for companies taking the initiative to formally and publicly commit to Corporate Social Responsibility. This pre-assessment leads to a diagnosis, through an interview via videoconference with an international CSR expert. He/she will issue a report informing on the company situation regarding the topic.

Please watch the following video for a summarized and simple explanation of this process

2.3. Certification process

2.4. Certified companies


2.5. Testimonials


is delighted to achieve the CSR Certification. WORLDCOB provides professional and hard-working staff assistance during the process, for that reason has been an honor to work together.On the other hand, the certification is the result of our colleagues efforts in sustainable business and community connectivity. Moreover, the values and benefits got through the process are to learn about the importance of community involvement and to build brand strategies in order to improve company’s reputation, to enhance customer and employee trust.
Throughout every step of the process, ISD PORTOLAN LTD encountered clear objectives, feasible schedule, and considerable questions managed by professional staff. Furthermore, our company found important values such as the importance of social and environmental responsibility. This acknowledgement will increase our reputation as a company with a valid CSR policy that cares about both, the well-being of its employees with sustainable development, and a company that is worthwhile doing business with.
management team is backed by an international workforce trained to industry best practices and operating to fully accredited management systems, health, safety, and environmental sustainability standards certified by WORLDCOB. We will continue to invest in the most qualified, best-in-class talent to manage operations and project delivery.We are committed to continually enhance our capabilities to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry both in terms of client and project needs under the CSR standards.
As a service providing company, QUADRANT INVESTMENT GROUP has been motivated by the certification to look forward to achieving the CSR standards in every aspect of the process where our CSR policies and activities were reviewed in detail.The CSR certification added value to our customers and community. We work closely with our customers to fully understand their business, logistic needs and expectations in order to provide optimum value and support.

3.- Benefits

3.1. Tangible Benefits



1.1. Certification official issuance: A WORLDCOB representative will officially provide you with the certificate to designate you as a socially responsible company during events or ceremonies in your country, where possible

1.2. WORLDCOB-CSR Resolution and Certificate: Reliable proof that your company successfully completed the CSR certification process of the WORLDCOB-CSR:2011.3 standard.

1.3. In-glass certification: This is a special version of the official certificate, designed in glass on a wooden base.

1.4. CSR meeting: Free participation of your representatives in CSR conferences in your country.

1.5. CSR certification logo: Authorization to use the WORLDCOB-CSR logo, to be published in your media and / or advertising. This CSR seal will increase the value of your brand in the market.

1.6. Publication on the CSR Website: We will publish the name of your company on the CSR website www.worldcob-csr.com, so that the international community can verify that your company is CSR certified.

1.7. Publication of the WORLDCOB business directory: One third of the page to publish company data and experience. It will have a representative picture of your certification, as one of the socially responsible companies worldwide.

To obtain the WORLDCOB-CSR: 2011.3 certification, your company will be part of the World Confederation of Businesses as a WORLDCOB member. This will also generate the following benefits:


2.1. Companies database worldwide: You will be able to access the most exclusive information of the 3,000 WORLDCOB members. The goal is to encourage business relationships worldwide.

2.2. EXPOBIZZ: Free participation in the activities of this business convention.

2.3. Business Center in Houston: WORLDCOB member companies are welcome to use an office set up to work in this city (free of charge).


3.1. Online training: Through www.bizztraining.net, you can access on-line updated business training provided by speakers from different countries.

3.2. Customized workshops for your company: According to the company’s needs, we have workshops on teamwork, working environment, sales, collection, coaching, NLP, etc. There are some fees for the workshops but associate members have a discount of up 50%.


4.1. Networking consulting: We provide advice on the search for products and / or services you may want to acquire worldwide. This service is provided by our Institutional Relations Department.

4.2. Advice on corporate image: You can get a free assessment of the corporate image projected on the market. After this analysis, we will show you proposals to improve this image.

3.2.Intangible Benefits

  • Increased brand value in the market, thus inspiring greater public confidence
  • Different from competitors because it promotes a culture of social commitment for the development of communities.
  • Attract the growing sector of clients looking to consume products of companies complying with RSE.
  • Increased client loyalty.
  • Increased loyalty and commitment of staff, who brings more to the company because they are part of a team that cares about work, social and environmental relationships.
  • Increased productivity thanks to a good working environment.

4.- Press


En la búsqueda de la promoción de la cultura empresarial socialmente responsable. WORLDCOB organiza desde hace 5 años los ENCUENTROS DE RSE en diversos países del mundo. Los mismos se dan como oportunidades para seguir aprendiendo diversos temas sobre la RSE.Los invitamos a ver fotografías de los encuentros anteriores:

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WORLDCOB headquarters

Address: 2190 N Loop W, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77018.
Tel: + 1-713-339-9900 Fax: + 1-713-339-9323


Address : Av. Ricardo Palma 710, Miraflores
Local number : +(51) 2016790
Fax : +(51) 2016795

 argentina Argentina – Buenos Aires +54 11 52175987
 colombia Colombia – Bogota +57 1 3819595
 mexico Mexico +52 55 41703735

Feel free to contact our Managers in charge:

Karla Velazco CSR Manager kvelazco@worldcob.org
Lucero Abanto CSR Manager labanto@worldcob.org
Susana Minaya CSR Manager sminaya@worldcob.org
Joahana Pacheco Member Service CSR Manager jpacheco@worldcob.org
Wilfran Ovalle Communications Manager wovalle@worldcob.org
Annabell Duran Finance Supervisor aduran@worldcob.org

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