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The organization behind WORLDCOB-CSR is the World Confederation of Businesses–WORLDCOB. It is an international organization founded in Houston over 15 years ago in order to promote a socially responsible business culture and encourage the creation of new businesses among its associate members. It is present in over 130 countries worldwide.

Why it is important

to have a CSR certification

Increase the value in your company and your brand, that this is reflected in the loyalty of your customers and in the interest of new customers. In addition, always a socially responsible company, will quickly differentiate from the competition as well as have a significant improvement in their work environment (your team will be very satisfied).


Currently, statistics show that consumers demand products and services from companies that are Socially responsible.









Members & Participants


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Eng. Daniel Javier

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Lic. Carolina Nachin

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Lic. Ramón Edgar Del Castillo


PhD. Luz Eneida Moreno

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Lic. Maria Altamirano Echevarria

You know our CSR norm?

It is an International Standard developed by WORLDCOB and that establishes the requirements that an organization must meet to be recognized for its adherence to a culture of ethical values, maintain a management system that integrates Corporate Social Responsibility and be in a process of continuous improvement.

Why go through the pre-evaluation process?

  • It allows you to know through a diagnosis the situation that your company is with respect to be considered a socially responsible company certified by WORLDCOB.
  • This Pre-evaluation is carried out through an interview with one of our leading CSR Auditors.
  • Once the Pre-evaluation has been completed, a Commitment to CSR Certificate will be delivered, which will officially and publicly demonstrate your company’s commitment to CSR.

Certified Companies

If you want to know the list of companies certified by WORLDCOB, you can consult it at the following link.


What the companies says?


In the pursuit of the promotion of the socially responsible business culture. WORLDCOB has been organizing CSR MEETINGS for 5 years in various countries around the world. They are given as opportunities to continue learning various topics on CSR.

Some of our meetings

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WORLDCOB headquarters

Dirección: 2190 N Loop W, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77018.

Teléfono: + 1-713-339-9900

Fax: + 1-713-339-9323



Address : Av. Ricardo Palma 710, Miraflores

Local number : +(51) 2016790

Fax : +(51) 2016795


Argentina | Buenos Aires | Teléfono: +54 11 52175987

Colombia | Bogotá | Teléfono: +57 1 3819595

México | Teléfono: +52 55 41703735

Feel free to contact our managers in charge:

Lucero Abanto | CSR Manager | labanto@worldcob.org

Susana Minaya | CSR Manager | sminaya@worldcob.org

Joahana Pacheco | Member Service CSR Manager | jpacheco@worldcob.org

Wilfran Ovalle | Communications Manager | wovalle@worldcob.org

Annabell Duran | Finance Supervisor aduran@worldcob.org

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